Parent Carer Council


LDCPF Forum is a place where you can connect with other LDCPF members to exchange ideas, express views and discuss current business issues. When you participate in the forum, it is important that you maintain decorum and post responsibly. If we think a certain topic/post is inappropriate, we will take necessary measures to remove the publication of such information and possibly restrict any future access to the forum.

Our aims are to:

Protect the interests of the members businesses.
work in partnership with Lancashire County Council and other organisations to develop and influence local policy and strategy.
Work in partnership with the authority to mutually resolve any issues when we consider the sector is being treated unfairly.
share information and Keep members informed  of any new legislation, strategies and directives issued by 
the county council or other organisation that may affect members businesses. 
Attend various panels, forums and consultation groups to represent the views of LDCPF  members providers including:

a. Lancashire Social Care Partnership
b. Skills for Care
c. Safeguarding

•  promote best practice within member organisations
•  Ensure we provide a local workforce skilled and qualified to fulfil the requirement of service users within the county
•  Raise the standards of domiciliary care within Lancashire and to continually develop and improve the quality of services.

Come and join us to catch up local issues, share your opinions and have your say

Contact us with your questions on 01995 679662 
or email us